The city’s best karaoke party will be in full effect July 25th at The Mercury Bar. BOTOROKE is hosted by Johnny Boto and is a completely free chance to embarrass yourself in the most awesome way possible. So after hearing the nations best new new music grab a mic and belt some jams that just never get old. #botorokelovesyou


NSFV Schedule


Gentlemen Prefer BloodDownbeat Lounge, Thursday Jul 25        
Doors open at 8:00p, ends 1:30a
NSF Day 1  18+
8:30 PM    Poncho
9:00 PM    Francis Knife
9:35 PM    Pizza Wolf
10:05 PM    Josh86 and The Pressure
10:40 PM    Smitz
11:00 PM     Wet Spots
11:50 PM    The Substitoots
12:25 PM    Never Enough
12:55 PM    Guantanamo Baywatch  Guantanamo Baywatch

Mercury Bar, Friday Jul 26  
Doors open at 6:00p, ends 12:00a
NSF Day 2   21+
6:30 PM     Animal Mother
7:05 PM     The Instigators
7:40 PM     Pink Mist
8:15 PM     TV Microwave
8:50 PM     Beaman
9:25 PM     Harshist
10:00 PM   Gentlemen Prefer Blood
10:40 PM   Siblings
11:15 PM   Big Eyes
12:00 AM  BOTOROKE Pizza Wolf

Anna O’Briens, Saturday Jul 27   
Doors open 4:30p, ends 2:00a
NSF Day 3 18 + Entry
4:50 PM     False Crack
5:20 PM     Wet Spots
5:50 PM     Silence The Giant
6:20 PM     Gentlemen Prefer Blood
6:50 PM     Super Nice
7:20 PM     Guantanamo Baywatch
7:50 PM     Grapefruit
8:25 PM     Big Eyes
35 min Break / 21+ Re-entryWet Spots
9:20 PM     Felonious Punk
9:50 PM     The Quintessentials
10:20 PM   Guantanamo Baywatch
10:50 PM   The Ukus
11:20 PM   Big Eyes
11:50 PM   The Blue Ribbons
12:20 AM   Wet Spots
12:50 AM   Eddie Murphy’s Law
1:20 AM     Gentlemen Prefer Blood

Beach BBQ After Party, Sunday Jul 28  Big Eyes
More details to follow!

**Schedule updated 7/10/13**

Enjoy Your Stay Guantanamo Baywatch

Guantanamo Baywatch
Guantanamo Baywatch was started by Jason Powell and Chevelle Wiseman in Portland about 4 years ago to an immediately enthusiastic reception, released a very well received and now out-of-print LP on Portland’s awesome Hovercraft Records, as well as a couple of EP’s/tapes. The band really came into it’s own, though, in late 2010, with the addition of Chris Michael (also in BOOM!) on drums. Technically they joined the Dirtnap roster in June 2011, but they took their time recording their debut for the label, done mostly at home by the band themselves.

Chest Crawl sees the band working more vocal numbers into the mix, incorporating the usual surf/garage suspects (Cramps, Trashmen), more obscure 50’s rock n’ roll/RNB wildmen, as well as slightly heavier nods toward the young-oldies sound being popularized today by bands such as Hunx, Shannon And The Clams, Nobunny, etc.

Check them out as part of the lineup of NSF V: July 25-27
Website site:
Band Camp Page:


Hot Heat on The Wet Spots


Barker Gee – Guitar/Vox

Janelle Hessig – Drums/Vox

Oscar Michel – Bass/Vox

This is still Oakland, right?   I mean, yeah, everyone’s so goddamn young and serious now, but fun could/should theoretically still happen.  Look at THE WET SPOTS.  They’re having a shit-ton of it.  Wet Spots:  tiny puddles o’ sin, erupting outta joyous shenanigans.  Is it soda pop?  Is it sweat?  Is it something far more dastardly?  It could just be Oscar, Janelle and Barker, rocking punkily on the purest of plains:  Makeout-Bop™ for the old and young alike.

What else would you expect from fine-asses?  NEON PISS?  THE TOURETTES?  THE GRIS GRIS?  Itchy super-group vibes for days, son, but a group that’s genuine as hell.  They pull it all off while escaping micro-genre classifications, fashionable as they might be to assign.  The songs come across as annoyance-free pop, yet there’s a grime cloud over them, removing the sheen for something slightly sick.

The guitars chime classically and frolic buzzily over rhythms geared toward maximum bounce.  Hearing their initial recordings transplant me back to my scabies-pickled, smoke-spoiled youth, marveling at the catchiest songs offa comps like Vinyl Retentive or Very Small World.  Any one of these tunes sound tailor-made for your next mix-tape or weekday BYOB-BBQ or awkward grope sesh.  The Wet Spots just sound like home to me.  Maybe they will for you too.  Wherever the fuck you are.

Tape out soon.

Other shit to follow.

Shows a’plenty (including Hawaii, dorks).

Check them out as part of the lineup of NSF V: July 25-27
Band Camp Page:

Hello There Big Eyes

Big Eyes
No gimmicks, no angles, no bullshit – Big Eyes get straight to it with their plug-in-and-play attitude.  This stripped down 3-piece possess a catchy sound that anyone can appreciate.  Taking influences from rock and roll, punk, and power pop, all three genres shine through in their poppy but heavy as hell brand of rock and roll.  With tasteful guitar work, clever chord changes and heartfelt infectious vocals, Big Eyes truly stand out from the masses of lo-fi bands that have been dominating the airwaves over the past few years.

Originally formed in late 2009 in Brooklyn, NY, singer/guitarist Kate Eldridge started Big Eyes after the demise of previous bands Cheeky and Used Kids.  In late 2011 Big Eyes started fresh in Seattle, WA and solidified their line-up with bassist Chris Costalupes and drummer Dillan Lazzareschi.

In Summer 2012 Big Eyes joined forces with party-punks Mean Jeans (Dirtnap Records) on a tour to Awesome Fest in San Diego, CA.  The tour spawned the idea to record a split 7 inch, later released in December on Dirtnap Records (Marked Men, Exploding Hearts).  Big Eyes was promptly back on the road by November, embarking on a 6 week full U.S. tour with Orange County’s finest airheads Audacity (Burger/Recess Records).  In support of the tour, Volar Records released a split 7 inch featuring the two bands.  Throughout 2012 Big Eyes played over 125 shows.  In 2013 you can expect a full tour schedule from the band, highlighted by the release of their sophomore LP, “Almost Famous,” debuting on Grave Mistake this May.  With their new LP Big Eyes are turning a new leaf.  Their hard-knock New York roots are still clearly planted, while the darkness of the Northwest leaves it’s mark.

Check them out as part of the lineup of NSF V: July 25-27
Band Camp Page:

No Bleach, Gentlemen Prefer Blood

Gentlemen Prefer Blood

Gentlemen Prefer Blood is a pop punk band from Los Angeles, CA. The current lineup started in 2008 and features members of Big In Japan (the Fat Wreck Chords band),The Tie That Binds, The Business Machines and a bunch of other bands you have never heard of.

Check them out as part of the lineup of NSF V: July 25-27
Website site:
Band Camp Page:

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