The Art + Flea aftermath

This past Thursday, the NSF crew packed up and headed down towards Fresh Cafe for Art + Flea–a monthly market place for local vendors.  With pockets empty and carafes of beer full, we arrived with the intention of raising awareness and green for this summer’s festivities.

Who knew an impromptu fundraiser would work out so well?  We had our hopes, but we certainly didn’t expect so much positivity and support (although we’re happy to hear you’re all on board!)

By selling CD samplers, zines, snacks and ourselves, we were able to raise a good amount of cash that will help us bring down some friends from the mainland which will most definitely melt yr faces off.

If all goes well, we’ll be doing Art + Flea again next month with some killer new merch, which includes; shirts, prints, stickers, new zines, more snacks, more CDs and maybe more skin WHO KNOWS?  Anything can happen; and we mean anything.

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