Purchase your NSF tickets online nowwwww!

The lovely Elle learned how to use the computers and now we are selling tickets right hereee. Check out the new tab and make yer purchase soon to get on list for this years festival. Some venues have limited space, so get it while its still a thing or whatever!

4 thoughts on “Purchase your NSF tickets online nowwwww!

  1. Do you know who’s playing what day and any other info? Are all local bands taking the day slots and mainland bands playing at night? I saw Hawaii was left off Mean Jeans summer tour dates. They’re still playing though correct? Same night as The Dopamines? Sorry for all the questions and if you don’t know the answers it’s ok. Just trying to decide which night to take off work, it’s gonna be whenever mean jeans play, but The Dopamines would be a bummer to miss so just hoping they play the same night.

  2. Mean Jeans + Dopamines will be playing both Friday and Saturday for all ages to see. We’ll have more information on which local bands are playing when in a week or so. Keep yr ears peeled!

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