Final Festival Lineup

July 21 Mercury, Doors open at 7:00pm-1:30am

-The Night Marchers
Bats in the Bellfree
Deep Throat
The Blue Ribbons

July 22 Annas 4, Doors Open at 4:00pm-1:30am

Bogus Tsunami
Democratic Fistfights
Eddie Murphy’s Law
Mean Jeans (Day Set)
The Dopamines (Day Set)
Upon Golgotha
Die Slow
Coral Stabz
The Dopamines (Evening Set)
Mean Jeans (Evening Set)

July 23 Loft, Doors open at 1:30pm-8:00pm

-Gunman Roamin
Makua Valley Blast Test
Eddie Murphy’s Law
False Crack
Dr. Zaius
Mean Jeans
The Dopamines

July 23 Mercury, Doors open at 9:30pm-1:30am

-Baksheesh Bandits
Black Square
Sing the Body (Last show for a while!)
Stephen Augstin & The Forth Wall

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