Cha Cha Changes

Whats a fest without a few schedule hiccups. The sets are listed in the order that they play. We’ll keep you updated on add-on and any wrenches. Don’t forget to bring extra bills for any of the bands selling their merch and keep an eye out for swag.

Jul 26: Mercury Pre-Party BBQ & Potluck [BBQ Starts at 7!]
1154 Fort Street Mall # 10  Honolulu, HI 96813
08:35 PM  The Night Marchers
09:05 PM  Silence The Giant
09:35 PM  Never Enough
10:05 PM  Temple Fugate
10:35 PM  Super Nice
11:05 PM  The Blue Ribbons

Jul 27: Anna O’ Briens
2440 South Beretania Street  Honolulu, HI 96826
04:10 PM  The Bougies
04:40 PM  Social Architects
05:10 PM  Completely Insane
05:40 PM  Move Minor Standard
06:10 PM  False Crack
06:40 PM  Black Square
07:10 PM  Night Birds
07:50 PM  Toys That Kill
08:50 PM The Lickin’ Party
09:20 PM Mistermeaner
09:50 AM Witch Baby
10:20 PM Pimpbot
10:50 PM TBD
11:20 PM Toys That Kill
12:15 AM Night Birds

Jul 28: Manifest
32 North Hotel Street  Honolulu, HI 96817
02:00 PM  The Miller Kids
02:30 PM  Colour and Contrast
03:00 PM  Beaman
03:30 PM  Eddie Murphys Law
04:00 PM  Sing The Body
04:30 PM  TV Microwave
05:00 PM  Siblings
05:30 PM  2face4
06:00 PM  The Substitoots
06:30 PM  FYP
07:00 PM  Night Birds
07:40 PM  Toys That Kill

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