The NSF Guide to 2013: Your Post-Apocaplyptic Party Year

Shellshag Live in HNL 1/23

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One of the larger goals of NSF is to promote locals. We have a deep well of talent here in Hawaii. We strive to showcase the best we got while inviting other like-minded DIY talent from the mainland to come down, join the fun, and bear witness to the awesome.

And word through the grapevine is that all your hard work is paying off, HNL!

That’s why No Suck Fest is proud to host SHELLSHAG! Coming down to do two shows in January, SHELLSHAG has got us turning fingernails into bloody stumps in anticipation. This is a band we wanted to get for a long time.And now they’re coming just to see you.What’s even greater is that in true DIY fashion they’re making their own way here! So come out, support and prove that the jumbo jet is the new sweaty tour van.

The Facebooks:

Francis Knife
Nerve Beats
Tv Microwave

The Bougies
The Substitoots

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