NSFV Schedule


Gentlemen Prefer BloodDownbeat Lounge, Thursday Jul 25        
Doors open at 8:00p, ends 1:30a
NSF Day 1  18+
8:30 PM    Poncho
9:00 PM    Francis Knife
9:35 PM    Pizza Wolf
10:05 PM    Josh86 and The Pressure
10:40 PM    Smitz
11:00 PM     Wet Spots
11:50 PM    The Substitoots
12:25 PM    Never Enough
12:55 PM    Guantanamo Baywatch  Guantanamo Baywatch

Mercury Bar, Friday Jul 26  
Doors open at 6:00p, ends 12:00a
NSF Day 2   21+
6:30 PM     Animal Mother
7:05 PM     The Instigators
7:40 PM     Pink Mist
8:15 PM     TV Microwave
8:50 PM     Beaman
9:25 PM     Harshist
10:00 PM   Gentlemen Prefer Blood
10:40 PM   Siblings
11:15 PM   Big Eyes
12:00 AM  BOTOROKE Pizza Wolf

Anna O’Briens, Saturday Jul 27   
Doors open 4:30p, ends 2:00a
NSF Day 3 18 + Entry
4:50 PM     False Crack
5:20 PM     Wet Spots
5:50 PM     Silence The Giant
6:20 PM     Gentlemen Prefer Blood
6:50 PM     Super Nice
7:20 PM     Guantanamo Baywatch
7:50 PM     Grapefruit
8:25 PM     Big Eyes
35 min Break / 21+ Re-entryWet Spots
9:20 PM     Felonious Punk
9:50 PM     The Quintessentials
10:20 PM   Guantanamo Baywatch
10:50 PM   The Ukus
11:20 PM   Big Eyes
11:50 PM   The Blue Ribbons
12:20 AM   Wet Spots
12:50 AM   Eddie Murphy’s Law
1:20 AM     Gentlemen Prefer Blood

Beach BBQ After Party, Sunday Jul 28  Big Eyes
More details to follow!

**Schedule updated 7/10/13**

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