NSF Performers: Fest Rundown


– Bass Rig & Drums will be provided. There will be a community guitar rig as well but I don’t know how many sets that will last for so we encourage every band that can to please bring their own personal guitar amp to use. Just to avoid any issues with equipment over heating

– Offering a +1 guest spot if we’ve coordinated borrowing backline from you.

– No guest list the day your playing. (Unless ^^^ the above has been worked out) We’re a small community, technically that would be just everyone.

– If you are interested in checking out the fest a day your not playing it’ll be just $5 for you. You can pay at the door or via paypal through through here

– If you still want to go and can’t afford the next day or know someone else that can’t we can help. We’re always looking for volunteers to help out with setup, transportation and the like. Contact us for more details at nosuckfesthawaii@gmail.com

– Discounts on fest shirts are available for band members. Hit up the table

*Info pertains to the main festival dates and not preceding fundraiser shows. Help with back line is always welcomed. Discounts on fundraiser merch and entrance for performers is always a possibility, but not always a guarantee.

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