The city’s best karaoke party will be in full effect July 25th at The Mercury Bar. BOTOROKE is hosted by Johnny Boto and is a completely free chance to embarrass yourself in the most awesome way possible. So after hearing the nations best new new music grab a mic and belt some jams that just never get old. #botorokelovesyou



NSFV Schedule


Gentlemen Prefer BloodDownbeat Lounge, Thursday Jul 25        
Doors open at 8:00p, ends 1:30a
NSF Day 1  18+
8:30 PM    Poncho
9:00 PM    Francis Knife
9:35 PM    Pizza Wolf
10:05 PM    Josh86 and The Pressure
10:40 PM    Smitz
11:00 PM     Wet Spots
11:50 PM    The Substitoots
12:25 PM    Never Enough
12:55 PM    Guantanamo Baywatch  Guantanamo Baywatch

Mercury Bar, Friday Jul 26  
Doors open at 6:00p, ends 12:00a
NSF Day 2   21+
6:30 PM     Animal Mother
7:05 PM     The Instigators
7:40 PM     Pink Mist
8:15 PM     TV Microwave
8:50 PM     Beaman
9:25 PM     Harshist
10:00 PM   Gentlemen Prefer Blood
10:40 PM   Siblings
11:15 PM   Big Eyes
12:00 AM  BOTOROKE Pizza Wolf

Anna O’Briens, Saturday Jul 27   
Doors open 4:30p, ends 2:00a
NSF Day 3 18 + Entry
4:50 PM     False Crack
5:20 PM     Wet Spots
5:50 PM     Silence The Giant
6:20 PM     Gentlemen Prefer Blood
6:50 PM     Super Nice
7:20 PM     Guantanamo Baywatch
7:50 PM     Grapefruit
8:25 PM     Big Eyes
35 min Break / 21+ Re-entryWet Spots
9:20 PM     Felonious Punk
9:50 PM     The Quintessentials
10:20 PM   Guantanamo Baywatch
10:50 PM   The Ukus
11:20 PM   Big Eyes
11:50 PM   The Blue Ribbons
12:20 AM   Wet Spots
12:50 AM   Eddie Murphy’s Law
1:20 AM     Gentlemen Prefer Blood

Beach BBQ After Party, Sunday Jul 28  Big Eyes
More details to follow!

**Schedule updated 7/10/13**

808 BANDS!

Do you have a local band interested in playing NSF 5? Fill out the form below to send us your information or e-mail us at!

Harry Tits

Yo! Harry Jerkface is here in Honolulu for the NOFX show with Black Fag and wants to hang out with YOU. Kevin Tits birthday is also this Sunday Feb 24 so I’m sure they’ll both welcome dirty licks if you see them around. Here is some show info:

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd w/ NOFX at The Republik!
1349 Kapiolani Blvd
w/ Black Fag, The 86 List and Completely Insane
Ages 18+ (or all ages w/ an adult)

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24th at Hawaiian Brian’s!
1680 Kapiolani Blvd, 2nd Floor
w/ Imminent Riot, False Crack, Witch Baby, Black Fag and Catalyst
5:30pm to 10:30pm (Early Show!!)

There will be a pre-show BBQ on Sunday at Kaka’ako Park around noon. Potluck and party on.