The city’s best karaoke party will be in full effect July 25th at The Mercury Bar. BOTOROKE is hosted by Johnny Boto and is a completely free chance to embarrass yourself in the most awesome way possible. So after hearing the nations best new new music grab a mic and belt some jams that just never get old. #botorokelovesyou




To drum-up both support and cash for this year’s No Suck Fest, the gang will be selling DIY mix-tapes. The track list includes bands that are prospects for playing and those who are confirmed. Along with the stars of the show will be your favorite local acts. The local punk comp is dead beast that must be raised from the depths! Plus! Get tracks from bands and town that are doing what we are; know that we are not alone.

In the spirit of art and cheapness we handmade and cut/paste each cd case -without the help of a command key. Each is unique and contains pure awesomeness. They remind me a lot of you general money having public. The time for pandering is upon us, for we need the funds and you need this show!

We start dishing these bad boys out at the next Art and Flea! Thursday Feb. 24, 2011 The party starts and 5pm and goes till 10pm. You know the drill: DIY merch, bands, your friends, good times, and banana eating contest.